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How to Make Your Social Media Feed Work for You

Hey everyone! Sarah Bynum here, and I've got some real talk for you about social media. Whether you’re getting ready for school or college, figuring out life, or just trying to stay positive, the digital world is a big part of our day. But did you know you have the power to shape what you see online? Let’s dive into how you can take control and make your social media feed a source of positivity and inspiration.

Understanding Algorithms

First up, it’s all about the algorithms. These tricky systems decide what shows up in your feed based on what you like, share, and search. But here’s the kicker—you can train these algorithms to work for you! Want more study tips, college essay advice, or just good vibes? Start engaging with that content. Like those posts, follow those accounts, and watch your feed transform.

Positive Engagement

Make it a point to follow accounts that boost your mood and inspire you. Love animals? Try adding #cutepets or #animallovers to your daily scroll. Interested in creative writing? Look for pages offering writing tips or motivational quotes about writing. It's all about curating a feed that uplifts you.

Turn the Tables

Remember, if your feed starts getting you down—maybe it’s too much drama or not your style (I’ve been there with a emo phase that turned too intense!)—you have the power to change it. Start searching for things that make you smile or think. It could be as simple as cute DIY projects or as niche as space technology. Your choices tell the algorithm what to show more of, so choose wisely!

Get Involved

And hey, if you’re near Palos Verdes, don’t miss out on our upcoming event, "Post, Snap, Thrive: Social Media Explored," on June 15, 2024. It’s a perfect spot to learn more about making your digital experience healthier and more fulfilling. We’ll dive deeper into how you can use social media not just to browse, but to thrive. Resgister HERE

So, remember: social media is a tool, and you’re in charge. With a bit of awareness and proactive engagement, you can truly make it your own positive space. Let’s keep our digital experiences healthy and empowering!

See you online,


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